Meet the team, and learn how Date Night Ride is revolutionizing romance.

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Reason Why We Started This

Dating is difficult, and relationships can be even harder. Day-to-day life, kids, pets, and work, can make two people who fell madly in love years ago become ships in the night. With online dating, meeting new people has become less about sharing an experience, and more like a job interview. Our goal is to help new and existing couples alike unplug from digital life and the daily grind, share an adventure, and (re)kindle a flame.

Why Choose Us

Why can't couples make a date night on their own? They can. But our goal is help you stop thinking and start feeling like a teenager again.

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One Romantic Night

Enjoy three hours alone with the person that makes your palms sweaty, and your heart beat fast. Maybe it's the person that once stood before you at the altar saying “I do”, or perhaps just a newfound love interest. Hold each other’s hands in the backseat of a vintage car, as you watch a vivid sunset sink below the Blue Ridge Mountains. Gaze upon the stars, and kiss under the moonlight whilst a local musician serenades you with a lover’s tune from the front seat.

Have you ever had your own private concierge? When it comes to planning a date night out, time and money are always a concern. Deciding where to go, coordinating restaurant reservations, scheduling taxis or parking for your own vehicle, how much gratuity to leave for the server; these can all be a source of stress. That’s where Date Night Ride comes in. Leave your thinking cap and your wallet at home, and just enjoy yourselves.

Date Night Ride would not be here without its amazing partners. We as a partner family want to make it effortlessly easy to fall in love with the city that we love.





If you would like to partner with Date Night Ride, we would love the chance to meet and discuss. Click to call 828 222 3785 or click to email us at

Want to take your Date Night Ride to the next level? Co-founder of Asheville Date Night Guide, Jennifer Gordon, can curate a customized itinerary of romantic activities to add onto your experience. To find out more, please click to email **Additional fees for concierge services apply.

The Team

This is the group of friends who came together with one core reason: to help people fall in love.

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Lara Vernon

Lara is also the owner and operator of Rare Exotic Vehicles. She is a life-long car fanatic, and co-founded Date Night Ride in hope of connecting fellow enthusiasts with vehicles and kick starting romance.

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Jennifer Gordon

A self proclaimed Asheville enthusiast, and co-founder for Asheville Date Night Guide, Jennifer has called Asheville home for over 12 years. Her passions are wide spread and her appreciation for what Asheville has to offer is endless. As a former pastry chef, she also loves our food culture and makes it her mission to know what is new and what is coming.

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GS Jackson

Jackson has lived nearly two decades around the world – Germany, South Africa, Hong Kong, Brasil, and Philippines. Moved to Asheville a year ago as it was on his bucket list. Jackson has been speaking and leading development teams around the world as an innovation, technology evangelist focusing on data science, mixed reality, and artifical intelligence.